Broken Arrow Trail #125


Broken Arrow #125 Quick Guide

Distance: 3.5 miles (with submarine rock) 2.8 without

Elevation Gain: 400 ft.

Type: Out and back

Difficulty: Easy-moderate

Location: 34°50'44.0"N 111°45'24.7"W

Family Friendly: Yes, all ages

Dog Friendly: Yes, on a leash

Shade: Some

Fee: $5 (no pay station at trailhead)

-Red Rock pass

-America the Beautiful

-EveryKid Outdoor (Free for fourth graders)


The Broken Arrow trail head is located in a Sedona neighborhood at the end of Morgan Road. This trail essentially parallels with the popular Jeep Broken Arrow OHV trail. Though the road remains mostly out-of-sight, screaming similar to that heard in a theme park, can be occasionally heard from the Jeeps. The OHV trail is used by manly Pink Jeeps tour, and similar 4x4 Jeep’s . The Broken Arrow OHV is one of Sedona's most popular 4x4 roads, and you can guarantee seeing a few Pink Jeep’s while on the trail. This is a very beautiful short hike, and when paired with another hike you will be guaranteed a magnificent day on the trails. We hiked Cathedral Rock in the morning, and then Broken Arrow in the afternoon that made an incredible day on the trails.


Our Hike

The trail begins on the south side of the Jeep road along the base of Battlement Mesa. The trail starts through brushes, Junipers, Pinion, and Sycamore, and gradually makes its way to red rock mesas, and back again to tree-lined trails. The variation in terrain, and the ever-changing desert scenery, with the beautiful iconic red rocks makes for an awe-inspiring, picturesque hike.

About .6mi in we came across a fenced sinkhole called The Devil’s Dining Room. The sinkhole is 100’ deep that has been fenced off by the Forest Service. The ceiling collapse in the underground cavern created the sinkhole, and exposed the Schnebly Hill sandstone, and Hermit Shale near the rim of the hole. From the Devils Dining Room we reached a branch in the trail where it forks left to Submarine Rock, a red sandstone outcrop that rises above the surrounding desert scenery. The submarine rock adds about a half mile each way on to the hike, but it is worth the effort to see.

After hiking 7.5 miles around Cathedral Rock and then Broken Arrow, Ean my-6-year old was worn-out and could not make it to the end of the trail. We waited while the oldest children hiked to chicken point, the end of the trail. We were only a quarter of a mile to the end, but now I have an excuse to come back. The end of the trail is at Chicken Point where visitors walk out onto a flat rock ledge that offers a picturesque view of the wilderness. Chicken point is where several trails converge at the end, so it is a very popular location. There’s a rock in the center that makes for a perfect spot to rest or to take a photograph. Someday soon I will hike Chapel Trail to Broken Arrow Trail to Mystic Trail Loop, and I will get photos of Chicken Point at that time.


Special Considerations

Common hazards found on the Broken Arrow trail is full exposure, snakes, bugs, bicyclist, and falls. Due to the lack of shade the best time to hike the Broken Arrow Oct-May. Visitors during the summer will be treated to a full desert hiking experience.

This is not a hike if you are wanting solidarity, but it is an excellent hike for families. I consider this trail easy, but due to the uneven and loose terrain I rated it as easy-moderate. Bicycles are allowed on the trail and would be a fun option to get in more miles.

Remember when you visit leave no trace, and leave this gorgeous place better than you found it. Treat this natural treasure with the care it deserves, and there will plenty of reasons to come back.

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