Photography inspired bucket list of 75 western trails.



1.Cathedral Rock Trail 1.2 mi. completed  10/14/2020

2.Robbers Roost Trail 3 mi.

3.Devil's Bridge Trail 4.2 mi. Completed 2/26/2021

4. Mounds Wagon, Cow Pies, Hangover loop 8.2 mi completed 4/9/2021

5.West Fork Trail #108 7.5 mi.   completed 10/30/2020

5.Soldier Pass Trail 4.7 mi. completed 1/15/2021

6.Bear Mountain Trail 4.9 mi.

7.Fay Canyon Trail 2.6 mi. Completed 3/14/2021

8.Boynton Canyon Trail 6.1 mi. Completed 2/15/2021

9. Vultee Arch Trail 3.6 mi.

10.Doe Mountain Trail 1.5 mi.

11.Broken Arrow Trail 2.8 mi. Completed 10/23/2010

12.Birthing Cave  2 mi.

13. Airport Loop Trail is a 3.2 mi.

Grand Canyon

14. Three-Mile Rest-house via Bright Angel Trail 5.5 mi.

15. Plateau Point Trail via Bright Angel Trail 12.2 mi.

16.Havasu, Mooney, and Beaver Falls Trail (Supai)24.5 mi. Note*getting a permit is challenging *

17. Grand Canyon mule ride

Arizona trails, not  Sedona or Grand Canyon

18.Humphrey's Peak Trail 10.4 mi

19.The Wave Trail (Vermillion Cliffs National Monument) 6.3 mi. Note*permit only it will take some planning to do this. This is the original buck list trail.)

20. Piestewa Peak Summit Trail #300 2.2 mi.

21. Wildcat Trail 3.9 miles (Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park)

22. Big Loop 8.5 miles (Chiricahua National Monument)

23.Flatiron via Siphon Draw Trail 5.5 (Lost Dutchman State Park)

24. Cibecue Falls via Cibecue Creek Trail 3 miles 

25. Fossil Creek Waterfall 2.6 miles




Zion Park

*Note: I did a quick run-through of Zion in 9/2020. Sadly, we didn’t even begin to explore the park, but what we did see was amazing. Zion Park is buck list worthy and definitely worth the effort.*

26. The Watchman Trail  3.1 mi. completed 9/18/2020

27. The Narrows 10+ mi.*

28. Emerald Pools 3 mi.

29. The Subway Trail 9.1 mi.

30. Angels Landing Trail 5 mi. Note*I will have to work on my fear of heights before tackling this hike. It will probably be one of the last to be completed.*

31. Observation Point via East Rim and East Mesa Trail is a 7.1 mi.

32. East Rim Trail from Big Bend  9.8 mi.

33. Hidden Canyon Trail 3.1 mi.

Capitol Reef National Park

34.Hickman Bridge 1.8 mi.

35. Rim Overlook Trail 4.1 mi.

36. Grand Wash trail via Northeast trailhead 4.4 mi.


Bryce Canyon National Park

37. Sunset Point to Sunrise point 1.1mi.

38. Wall Street and Queens Garden trail 3.2 mi.

40.Fairyland Loop trail 7.8mi.

41. Peekaboo Loop trail 5.2mi.


Canyonlands National Park

42. Mesa Arch 0.7 mi.

43. Druid Arch Trail 10.4 mi.

44. Chesler Park view 5.4 mil.

Arches National Park

45.Delicate Arch 3.5 mi.

46. Devils Garden Loop Trail with 7 Arches  7.8 mi.  

47.Double Arch .6 mi.

48.Corona and Bowtie Arch 2.3 mi.

49. Fiery Furnace and Surprise Arch 1.7 mi.

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

50. Golden Cathedral Trail, 9.1 mi.

51. Lower Calf Creek Falls Escalante 6.7 mi.

52. Devils Garden 1 mi.

53. Bull Valley Gorge Trail .9 mi

54. Cottonwood Narrows South to North Trailhead  3.7 mi.

55.Kannara Creek trail 2.7 mi. *permit needed

56. Zebra slot cannon 5.2 mi.


Paria Canyon Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness

57. Buckskin Gulch 16 mi one way


Snow Canyon State Park

58.Johnson Canyon Trail 1.7 mi.

59. Scout Cave Trail  4.4 mi.

60. Jenny's Canyon Trail 0.3 mile Note: Closed annually from March 15 to June 1

61. Butterfly, Lava Flow, West Canyon, Red Sands, Whiptail, and Petrified Dunes Loop 4.8 mi.

Twin Peaks Wilderness

62. Lake Blanch Trail 6.9mi.

63. Broads Fork Trail 4.9mi.

64. Stairs Gulch


Valley of Fire state park

62. Fire Wave Trail is a 1.5 mi.

63. Petroglyph Canyon via Mouse's Tank Trail is a 0.8 mi.

64. Fire Wave and Seven Wonders Loop  1.8 mi.

Bi-State Park

65.Van Sickle Rim Trail Connector 8.1 mi.


Yosemite National Park

66. Upper Yosemite Falls Trail 7.6 mi.

67. Half Dome Trail  15 mi.

68. Four Mile trail 9.2 mi.

Kings Canyon National Park

69. Mist Falls 8.7 mi.

70. Rae Lake 41.4 mi.

71. Zamwalt Meadow And Roaring River Falls 5.4 mi.

72. Sugar Bowl Redwood Creek Loop 6.5

Sequoia National Park

73. Tokopah Falls via Tokopah Valley Trail 4 mi.

74. Marble Falls Trail 7.4 mi.

75. john muir  211mi.